Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fast forward 5 months...

When I began this journey with CAbi I had no idea I was going to fall in love with my new career path. I had a gut feeling that maybe I could be successful but there were certianly no guarantees and many risk. I had to step out on faith, make an investment of money and time, work for commissions in a retail business...durning a recession! What? I know!! But I just took one small step at a time and kept moving forward. And I kept praying. By the end of June I had closed 13 shows and I was scheduled to attend the CAbi conference(The Scoop)in Long Beach in July.

The first of August came and the Fall '11 season began. I had 7 shows on my calendar. I started averaging about 3 hours a day of focuses CAbi work time, althought my husband would say it was 24-7! I am making calls, sending email, reading information and watching training on the consultant website. I believe I have complete control over how successful this business will be for me. The more effort I invest, the better my returns will be. The returns and rewards from this work are not only monitary. In the last 5 months, I have started putting more effort into my appearance(I am wearing these amazing clothes!!), I am taking better care of myself and getting lots of excersize(I want to look my best in these amazing clothes!), and best of all, I am building relationships with some wonderful women.

At night when I say my prayers, I thank my Maker for this wonderful opportunity that has found its way into my life. I have a very grateful heart. I love my new career!

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