Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring is in the air...fuel is in my tank...begin the creative frenzy!

I have so many topics, passionate-close to my heart -want to share them so bad it is killing me subjects to discuss...or what do I call these articles that I write? Subjects? Articles?...sounds like my blog is a magazine...maybe it is...I need to add more pictures, then.  Note to self: add more photos to this blog.

Anyway, I have 5 different topics listed in my drafts of articles that I have started...just quick notes to pin down the idea, that later I can expand on and polish up before I post them here.  Until they post, I feel I am carrying around a hand full of balloons.  Some are bigger than others, some rise higher, some are definitely brighter, all attached strings held tightly in my fist.  It takes energy to keep up with these balloons because one wrong move and BANG!  There it went and I can't get that one back.  I can get one like it, but it won't ever be able to replace the original.  If I could just find the time to complete the article, I can let go of one of these dang balloons!

But my time is fragmented. 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there...

In the midst of trying to write, (which I love, I love writing not trying to write.  I don't like the trying to write, the frustration of carving out time is exhausting), in the midst of all the juggling of words, I have been wheeling my pliers and cranking out some special pieces of jewelry.  In getting ready for the craft show last weekend, I got busy making the standard fair. I always begin from the basic 'sit and create' position.  I breathe in and out, praying something new will drift into my studio and land gently on the black velvet cloth on my bench.  While I am waiting, I can make some pretty goofed up stuff.  You only have to glance at the confusion that covers my bench to see all the many directions and rabbit trails my creative journey has taken me.  But eventually, in the midst of some bent 22 gauge silver wire and amazonite stones, the designs begin to unfurl.  Slowly, like the my spring Hastas, breaking through the earth and reaching for the sun, a new combonation of colors will appear.  The turn of the silver wire will resonate with something in me and I will pray for a steady hand to make another just like it, you know, so the earrings will match.  The engine starts revving up, my heart rate starts to climb and I begin to see what is around the bend.  I am infused with new inspiration for my jewelry.  The designs are coming easier.  The positive reception I receive from a first time customer will fuel my tank for another spin around the work bench.  And suddenly I am in the 'jewelry making mode'.  In the land of silver and pearls, turquoise and coral, spacers and pliers, I am having a blessed spring.  The balloons will have to be patient.

After the Christmas mass production of jewelry, I don't darken the doors of my studio for a few months. To start making jewelry again in the spring is like is like having to go visit an old friend.  One you haven't seen in a while.  Not sure you have anything in common anymore.  What on earth will we find to talk about?  Why am I even stopping by?  Ugh!!  Well, here I go. Knock-Knock.  The door opens and there she stands, smiling in anticipation of seeing my familiar face.  I can't help but smile in return.  And after sitting with this old friend for a couple hours, it is like we saw each other yesterday.  We are right back finishing each other sentences, laughing at old inside jokes we shared in days past.  It feels wonderful being in the place, breathing in and out, laughing and enjoying each other immensely.  Why was I so apprehensive to make this visit?  Maybe because I have a new friend.  My new friend brings me balloons.

Dear God,

Please tell Aunt Sally I said hello and that I love her.

Love, me

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