Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wondering thoughts

I am busy this week, I'm making jewelry. Craft show is this Saturday and another in a couple weeks. I need to get some of my pretties out there to sell. I sabotage myself by not taking photos of my designs. The rings I am making are so cool and very unique; the earrings are crisp and simple. Spring colors. I push myself against the wall to make the jewelry, not leaving enough time to take photos. Perhaps I could post them here and people could order them. Hmmm, there is a concept. No one has ever mentioned that to me before. Sarcasm. Pooh, I hate it, I am sorry I used it here. Forgive me. Back to making jewelry...

I will return here next week and write something interesting and very funny. I miss it here in this place of words. Now I must return the land of silver and stones, pliers and pearls. I will swirl up something beautiful just for you, my friend.

Rain please come and wash us clean.

God, please take care of Sally. Wrap here in love and peace. I think I will be missing her soon.

The season of giving myself away is slowly moving into a season of saving myself for me and the ones I hold dear. I love when the seasons change. New beginnings, old endings. Round with soft edges, rolling down my path.

Good to see you here.

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