Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting my groove on

I don't have to substitute teach until 11 am today so I went to the community center and got a good work out in.  And here is a little favorite workout is dancing!!  I go into one of the side rooms, the one with all the mirrors and I dance my butt off!!  I am currently taking a Zumba class on Wednesday afternoons.  I do enjoy it but... I have awful feet.  My big toe joint hurts like crazy when I run or jump alot.  This I believe is a direct result of keeping clogs on my feet since 1974. So what are my options?  Plant my feet on the floor and shake my bootie, wave my arms, bob my head and get my groove on like any white girl you have ever seen on the dance floor!!  Oh, it is a scary sight!  But in my head, I am the hottest chick on the dance floor in the most happening club there is.  I have the radio blasting tunes and I am getting my sweat on.  I dance for 3 songs.  Then when the news comes on, I do my sit ups and weights.  Then back to the dance floor for 3 more songs. Great work out for me!!

Lately I have found myself in a frustrated state of mind.  Just not happy all the way through.  Like I have a clog or something keeping my joy just out of reach.  It is easiest for me to blame this funky feeling on my daughters.  They are so completely irritating at times. Fighting with each other, as teenagers do!  But what I believe the problem is, is that I am happiest when I have worked out. Working out for me shakes things loose in my head and heart.  Me not working out equals angry, frustrated, emotional, over all poopy mood.  When I have worked out I am happy, clear, open, energetic, over all positive mood.

I need to make sure I work out more so my daughters can survive on this earth with out too much emotional damage from my fits of rage!!  Adult temper tantrums are so very unattractive!!
I gotta get to work.
Have a great day and get a dance in when you can!

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