Saturday, May 15, 2010

How old am I?

I walked in the post office yesterday and while I waited behind the woman from ScootWorks mailing 738 packages to her mail order customers, I announced to my friends who work there..."Sunday is my birthday!", "Happy Birthday!" rang across the small room. I smiled and with my hand on my hip, I said "I am making my age look really good!!". Lots of laughter followed.  I do enjoy the people at our small post office in Zebulon, they seem genuinely glad to be at work.  We were making such a racket, laughing and carrying on, we were told to be quiet by the boss lady behind the "partition"...  I can stir up craziness just about anywhere!!
Now, I am not sure that I truly am making this age of 49 look good, there are many women my age that look way better, it just felt wonderful to say it.  And in my head, I believe it.  I believe I am doing some good stuff to stay young or not age so quickly.  I want to be the best I can be in this moment.  Isn't what's in our own head all that really matters anyway? 

I am off to take my daughter for her first mani-pedi.  We are celebrating her passage into womanhood today, in perfect girlie style!!

Went on a hot date with my husband of 15 years, last night.  We went to see the new Robin Hood movie.  It was a great film, but the Robin Hood movie with Kevin Kosner is still my all time favorite film of all times...Maid Marian in the bell tower, screaming, "ROBIN!!!", best scene ever!!

Going to see "Wicked" with my sister and daughters tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.  I will post my review right here.

Have a wonderful weekend and get busy defying the numbers!!

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