Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kids are out of school next week. 
 Heading to DC to visit family.
 Need to pay attention to my jewelry. 
Need to write that book. 
Need to get the girls to swim team practice.
  Teaching gym class the next 2 days. 
 Need to get flea meds for the pets.
  Want to finish reading my book, Sarah's Quilt. 
Youth Team meeting tonight. 
 Did I really agree to be PTA president next year?
  WHAT???  Are you kidding me???!!!
Eliza's marching in the high school band next year, gotta pay for flutes!
  Brooks and Dunn, Saturday night.  First concert for the girls. 
 My oldest is turning 14!!!  I thought she was turning 8. 
 My youngest is 19.  Math doesn't apply.  Neither does logic.  She is just much older than her years... 
Busy summer.  Busy summer. 
Richmond, DC, Wrightsville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Kiawah Island, Greensboro, Davidson River, Asheville...
I will send a post card!

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