Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer in full swing

I am unclogged and in the flow of the river. Heck, I am in the rapids!!  I have my oar over my head, a smile on my face and I am having a blast!! WOHOO!! Getting out of my own head and being involved and present for others has made such a drastic difference in my mood and overall happiness.

Summer is in full swing around my house.  Between traveling and swim team we are busy people, and loving every minute.  I am using some new strategies to motivate my girls and that has been HUGE!!  They are packing for trips, cleaning my house(score!!) reading library books and the biggest...getting along!!  One tip that has really made a difference is having them agree on a list of whatever needs to be done.  Wait, let me back u. First I have to determine what motivates them. Money is the motivator in this house. So we agree on what needs to be done. I offer $10 for a completed list. And here is the sweetest part of the deal...for every time I have to remind, follow up, interfere, navigate, nudge or otherwise get involved in what they have assured me they will handle, it is a dollar off the top. This has worked beautifully in my house, well, it has worked so far and we are 2 weeks in. We will see how long it last but for now it is a dream come true. Before we left for a trip last week, the girls and I agreed on their individual list and they had a time frame in which to complete it. By the time we got in the car to leave, they had each lost $10 out of the original $30 they were offered. I also threw in that they would be paying for their own food when we stopped to eat on the trip. This was an added bonus because they made much better food choices since they would be paying for it. The first few times there were shouts of “thats not FAIR!!”. But my reply took care of that, “ I made up this game so it is FAIR!!! and if you say that again it is another dollar off”. You could hear a pin drop. I will keep you posted on how this continues to work in my house.

For things to get done, it all comes down to motivation. Motivation and clear expectations. And also some money, and …. I just use what works for a while and then switch it up when we need a change.

Change is good.

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