Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear food, we need to work on our relationship!

A friend was sharing with the other day about her struggle with her weight. “ I just love my food”, she said. I know just how she feels. My relationship with my food has been a struggle for my entire life. And yes, I believe I have a relationship with my food. It can make me happy, “Yay, cake!!”. It can make me sad, “awe, I wanted that second helping and it is all gone.” It can make me feel better, “ Mmmm, pasta!”. It can make me angry, “Dang, why does this spinach burrito have to taste soooo good!!??”. Food can be my dear friend but this relationship sure has its ups and downs.

For years I didn't pay attentions to the negatives in this relationship I had with my food. Few pounds on, a few pounds off. Round and round I went. I didn't give too much thought to the actual quality of the food. I just ate what tasted good. When I was trying to loose, I ate less of what tasted good and more of that other stuff. I would go back and forth, back and forth. The relationship was WORK!! I was let down and disgusted, happy and celebrating, riding the wave for a minute of a regulated weight, that lasted about 3 days. Up and down, up and down the scale.
In January of 2009, I changed the way I felt about my food. I changed the relationship I had with my food.. Like a bad boyfriend I couldn't shake, you know the one you kept going back to, even though you knew he was bad news, I had to make a change . I finally looked at what I was eating. There are some great books and movies exposing the mystery around the food industry, (Food, Inc, Fast Food Nation, Super Size Me, etc..) And as I was learning about all this awful stuff, I gradually began moving my eating in another direction. I had to break up with my old food. I saw it for the bad boy it was, I deserved so much better that the garbage I was eating. I love my new fresh food, it is wonderful. I am so much happier, it treats me way better. My system feels healthier. And my new fresh food feels so much my more satisfying that my old food. Now, I am still holding hands with cookies and cakes, I will make out with some dark chocolate pretty regularly. I love my food. It is just a much more healthy relationship.
Any food in moderation is fine by me. I like mine fresh and summer is here, yummy-do silver queen corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash...strawberries have already come and gone. Water Mellon is on its way in! Buying produce from the local farmers around here makes me happy. I wish there was a diary close by.
One last thing, Chobani Greek yogurt...OUTSTANDING stuff!! check it out:


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