Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dutcher Garage Art Camp for Grown Ups...Tonight!

Tonight is the night! I am very excited about how this evening will roll out. Funny how I do things. I just throw it out there, see who is interested, and plan from there. Well, I think I have about 10 girl friends interested and headed to my garage around 6pm. The pottery I feel the most confident about, I have taught this project to kindergarteners . The jewelry, that is a breeze. OK, my concern with jewelry is that they will want to make what I make. A friend posted that she wanted to make my ring...I hope she was kidding, cuz aint enough time to teach a jewelry making class in one evening...not that I am capable of teaching jewelry making. I am not really capable to teach art at all...I am just providing the supplies and space, and a little bit encouragement to allow for some creative expression. Hummm, tonight should be very interesting. I wish my niece was going to be here, SHE is the artist!!
My wish for tonight is that the mood is relaxed and light and my garage is filled with laughter as my friends let loose and get creative.

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