Monday, July 12, 2010

Decided the blog needed a face lift. My niece has the coolest blog... she is so talented on so many levels. She is new on the blog scene but her words have such ageless wisdom.
My 'Art Camp' was a blast! I believe everyone had fun. They all did beautiful work.
I will set it up differently next time. 3 projects on one, 3 hour period was a bit ambitious!
I have to get the pottery fired, that is tomorrow...
Going to get my daughters thier dramatic, summer hair cut/styes today. Could be fantastic, could be disaster...hmmm, lets pray it is the former!
1:30 pm showing of Eclipse. Can Not Wait Another Minute To See It!!!
Taking a bunch of kids with me, they better not ruin my experience. If they do, I will see it again, alone.
Spending this Friday night with my sister and two brothers. Just the 4 of us for the evening. I am so very excited about this eveing. Not sure we have ever done this before, without spouses or without kids. It will be lively and hilarious and thought provoking and healing, and did I mention Hilarious!! Us Hawkins know how to laugh!!
I wonder if I will ever go to the gym again? Rode bikes alot at the beach. Carrying some extra pounds...but loving all my new food!! Got get movin'!!
And I am off to the salon..."Mom, come on!! We will be in the car!!"

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