Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am a little nutty for coconut oil!!

In my quest for healthier living(ok, vanity is my motivator, I want to eat well and look good), I have received an education along my way that has set me free!! And I have done my research, spent hours and hours of internet reading, the many documentaries I have watched, books I have read, finding all the information I can about the food I am so in love with. I could write for days and bore you to tears with all this info I have sifted through but I won't, I have to be entertaining and funny to keep you reading, right?
Coconut oil is the best oil for you, inside and out!! It is amazing stuff. When you eat it,(i smear it on my toast, I bake with it, fry with it, sauté with it) it is a fuel, absorbed into the lining of your stomach because it is a medium chain fatty acid. Here it is used for energy. Vegetable oils and animal fat are long chain fatty acids which are thicker and go into the intestines to be stored as fat. That is as clear as I can make it. It is this simple. In the 1970's and 80's we took coconut oil out the American diet and we all got fat from the healthier alternative.
This is a great website to answer your questions about this amazing stuff. You can just google coconut oil and find many, many, many sites to help you understand why it is so good for us. I feel I have read almost all posted articles, it is good reading!
I also use it on my skin, great for moisturizing and also for antifungal...great for dry feet, mine have never looked better!! This stuff is packed with protein that is great for your hair. I use in on my lovely locks and am thrilled with the results. I have had hair like straw since I started coloring my coarse, curly hair. Now, I have been using coconut oil on my hair and it is soft and healthy and shiny, for the first time in years!! Yay, coconut oil!
I am telling you, the more you read about it the more in love with it you will fall. I bought my current jar at Earth Fair and it cost about $1 an ounce, which to my husband seems outrageous. But when I explained how much I had been spending on moisturizer products and hair conditioners, plus cooking oil...he understood, plus he loved the way I cook with it so what is he going to say, really!!?
I found a great recipe for coconut/olive oil mayonnaise that I can wait to make...guilt free mayo, could life get any better!!
With joy and a thankful heart,

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