Friday, January 7, 2011

I am not really eating meat these days. I have decided I have eaten my fair share of meat in my 49 years, time to get off the stuff for a while. I have read a whole lot of articles, seen many documentaries on the meat industry, (check out "The MEATrix" for a cartoon overview, I am not committing to the label 'vegetarian'. I still season my collards with beef bullion, like chicken stock to flavor my soups, but I am laying off the burgers and steak for a while, not craving any chicken either. The more I learn about how meat production is damaging our planet the less and less attractive and appealing it is to me. (Here are a couple fun facts to know and tell: Current bovine gas does more damage to the ozone that all the cars on the planet. Also, the only way we get colestorol in our bodies is by animal products.) Now, I am not ready to give up cheese and ice cream, it may be a while before the goat cheese is marked off my grocery list, but the meat I can live with out. Please understand, I am not a purist on any level. I have never quit anything, I just go long periods between indulgences. "Purist" and "quit" are such negative words, they conjur up images of nuns and other miserable people.
When I buy meat for my family, I purchase it from a farm down the road, Ray Family Farms. Is more expensive, no question about that. My solution is we eat less of it. Like Micheal Pollen says, "Pay more, eat less".
I eat alot more vegetables with rice and beans on the side. I feel better, my system 'moves' a whole lot better, and the grocery budget goes a bit further if I pass on the platter of meat balls.
Here are some of my food ideas: Replace your current cooking oil with coconut oil(see previous blog post on coconut oil). Add honey where you can, it is nature's energy drink. Don't eat buy process food, limit ingredience to only 5. Be mindful of the food you eat. I find praying over my food, thanking my Creator for all that took place for this blessing to show up on my plate, puts me in a more grateful state of mind. The more grateful, the more nurished, the more satisfing the eating experience is to me. Enjoy your food. Enjoy every bite, every taste, every smell, every color. The more color food has, the better it is for you. I wish I could find orange potatoe chips!!
Eat well, my friends.
(Sorry if I rambled, I am just so passionate about my food!! I am sure the experience of having my mouth wired shut after an accident a few years ago, has a little to do with my current passionate relationship I have with my lovely food!)

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