Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scared to try something new!

I am busy these days thinking(and praying)about joining a friend of mine in a business of selling a line of designer clothes through home shows. I am very excited about owning my own business, selling and helping women look their best, and making some money! The company is amazing in the way they get you started and provide support along the way. My friend is recruiting me to join her team and I think it is a great oportunity for me. I can continue to teach during the day and do home parties at night. The thought of doing this makes me giddy, I am thrilled at the prospect of having something for me, something that is mine. After 13 years of stay home mom work, PTA volunteering, church work, play groups, I am ready for something new! I am spilling over, wanting to chat with anyone who will listen about this new adventure I am starting on. Of course, I am listening to hear their confirmation that I can, in fact be successful at this. So far, all have said, "go for it". I think of it all the time and how I am going to be a huge success!! Yay ME!! A dear friend of mine since high school who lives in my hometown, has been helping me with my decision. She is cheering me onward. So is my sister. and she says go for it! She also said she will host a party! She said she hasn't heard of this line and I believe if it was already in her town, she would have heard of it. I know several women who would like these clothes profesional women, and women married to professionals! It is a very classy line, upscale and outstanding quality. I am very impressed with the entire company and the protential for my success. I am going to a seminar next Tuesday in Greensboro to get the big pitch. My husband has been tough to sell on this idea because there is a substantal intial investment. We have talked and talked and will continue to talk, but slowly it is making sense to both of us for me to do this. Because my hubby is the busniess mind that he is, I have been doing reserch and getting all the info I can so I can answer all of his 1,000 questions. So far, I have been doing great, having all the answers and last night he said lets keep moving forward and see what they say on Tuesday. My biggest concern was if there were already many reps in the area. And the answer is: there are not, very few, so that is a huge plus. I can grow the areaa and grow my own team. I am so excited about this because it is an excellent product, it is not available to everyone,and I know I will be successful! I am very excited to go to work!!

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