Monday, March 7, 2011

This may not be for me...I am scared!

I am not sure this 'selling clothes' is for me. It is a great product and I know I can sell, but I am still left with an uneasy feeling.
Yesterday, I went to a show with the rep that is recruiting me. It was a very successful show. It went very well, Susan did an outstanding job, I learned many things. Last night I kept running the show over and over in my mind, trying to identify what it is that doesn't feel right. I have the green light from my husband, I have the support of my parents and family, the risk has been minimized to an affordable starting point. And yet I feel this hesitation? Is it that now that I have the freedom to make this decision on my own, I am looking at it a little closer. Am I nervous I have to really do it now? You know, I have sold the idea to anyone who would listen for a week now, going on and on about how I could make it work, how I would be a huge success. They have all said I would be great in this position. (How could they say anything else, I was standing right there!). But do I think I would be great?
It was interesting working with the women at yesterday's party. They were all new mom's in a neighborhood of huge, gorgeous houses. I was a bit intimidated, I felt old and transparent. I would have to say I can't remember the last time , or if ever, I have felt this way. No one in the room really could have care less if I was there. They didn't care who I was or what I had to say. They were into each other and Susan. Me? Not at all. So, I had a very humbling experiece.
Does this mean I do not want to do direct sales? Maybe. Am I scared to fail? Heck YES!! But I may want to still try it. It is an interesting morning, processing all these emotions.
Tomorrow, Susan and I travel to a recruiting meeting. I am still listening... and praying.

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